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Surfskate Sizing – How you get it right.

Surfskate Sizing - How you get it right.

You want to find not only one, but your surf skate? Then one thing is most important – the right size for your!
I will show you how perfect surf skate sizing succeeds and will get you in top shape for surfing.

Wheelbase - the most important number.

Term: The distance between the trucks is not always the same as the wheelbase! In skateboarding, the wheelbase is the distance between the inner fastening screws. In Surfskating it is often the distance between the trucks.

Here, the actual distance between front and rear truck is the most important measurement. With a surf skateboard you have to be a bit more precise compared to a skateboard, because a few centimeters here are making a big difference due to the very flexible front truck.

Note: Every Surfskate system has another difference between wheelbase and trucks distance. Examples below.

The trucks distance is the most important parameter on a surf skateboard because it should allow your stance on a surfskate to be as exactly as possible to your stance on the surfboard.

If you stand on the surf skateboard as far as you stand on your surfboard, you have chosen the right wheelbase and found the perfect training partner to bring your fitness and surfing technique to the next level.

Your individual truck distance

You should determine the ideal distance between your surfskate trucks by measuring your surf stance – the distance between your feet on your favorite surfboard. The image below shows how this measurement should be taken, always from the middle of one foot to the other.

For simplification we had a look on statistics and determined what the average stance for each body height is.

You can use the following diagram now to determine your ideal distance between the trucks at your surfskate, if you have either your stance width or your body height.


Note: Each Surfskate system has a difference between trucks distance and wheelbase.

Swelltech: Trucks distance = wheelbase + 2″
YOW: Trucks distance = wheelbase + 2″
Slide: Trucks distance = wheelbase + 2″
Smoothstar: Trucks distance = wheelbase – 2″


Surfskates are usually used in three environments. Depending on where you want to use it most, I would like to give you a recommendation concerning the choice of the trucks distance, if you are not sure which surfskate you should take:

  1. Skatepark – choose the shorter center distance
  2. Street – both -> bigger is easier at the beginning, shorter means tighter turns
  3. Downhill – choose the larger center distance, because this gives more stability at higher speed (how also take a step-up in big waves)

Example: I am 1,87m / stand width: 65cm. With the diagram above I come so on 22″ or 23,5″ center distance. For downhill I would definitely choose 23,5″ – the length brings stability at higher speed. In the skatepark definitely 22″, because that reduces the radius of the turns (“more snappy”). On the road I ride both boards. Of course basically everything works, but this is my observation from many years of experience.


Suitable products


Trucks distance:



Trucks distance:



Trucks distance:


Do you have further questions about sizing your surfskate? Just contact us via

Last but not least: What are you waiting for? Get ready and sizing! Don’t loose time and order your new asphalt surfing pal right here.


  1. Hi, I’m a total beginner to surfskate (have been snowboarding a while, and tried surfing last summer), and I wonder which surfskate to buy. I’m 180cm, 78 kg and 43-44 in shoes. I’ll be riding the road most of the time as a start 🙂 Best regards, Christian

  2. Reinhard

    Hi Christian,

    Thanks for your comment!

    With Surfskating it is very important what your goal is – Typically it is one of the following 3:

    1. Improve surfing technique at its best (focus: surfing) – I recommend Swelltech, models for your height: Banzai, SanO or Camo
    2. More Surf-feeling in Skating (focus: skating) – I recommend YOW, models for your height: Pipe, Teahupoo or Dark
    3. Cruising, pumping through the city, doing turns, but not radical (focus: cruising) – I recommend Slide, models for your height: Diamonds or Fishs

    Let me know what your goal is and I will give you more details.

    Have a good one! Reinhard

  3. Koen


    I’m a beginner in surfskating. I can handle longboards as pennyboards. I’m looking for a Slide-board.
    I can’t decide between the neme pro model or a gussi. What should be the best for cruising the concrete waves in the city?

    I’m 1m85, 85kg

    • Reinhard


      you can take both. The Gussi will be more snappy!

      • Erika

        Hi! Thank you for this article! I’m a beginner in surf skating and I would like to buy a skate but I’m quite tiny. I am 1.50 cm and I weight 50kg.(my shoes size is Uk 3!) Which surfskate do you think is going to suits me better? Thank you for your recommendation!

  4. Ed

    Hi Surfskateshop,
    I have a Carver with C7 trucks and a Penny Highline Surfskate. I like both boards but find the Penny Highline more surfy in my opinion.
    I recently received a Waterborne Surf & Rail adapter and plan to install them on a Landyachtz Dinghy Shape 9 or Dinghy Blunt UV Sun or Landyachtz Tugboat which one would function better? I’m 5’5 & 130lbs. Thanks.

    • Reinhard

      how did it go and what is your opinion?
      Since I use Swelltech and YOW for Surftraining there is nothing else comparable in my opinion.

      Cheers, Reinhard

  5. Fadz

    Hey brother 🙂
    I am 5ft 11 (180cm) and I weigh 90kg approx.
    I want to skate through the streets without having to take my feet of the ground. Just travel with FLOW, enjoying effortless turns swoosh left and right that take me gliding nicely to my destination.

    I don’t want to exert too much effort, and I don’t want a harsh ride over uneven pavement. Do comfort, decent speed & silky pumping/surfing I guess?

    What would you recommend?

  6. Alexandra

    I am new to surfskating but have tried surfing out a few times. I was wondering what surfskate to buy I’m 162cm and wear size 5 shoes, I will be using it in the roads.
    All the best! Alexandra

    • Reinhard

      Hi Alexandra,
      If you want to practice your maneuvers for surfing I would recommend YOW.
      Take a board with 17″ or less wheelbase, such as: Medina Camo, Kontiki, Huntington (could be very good for you), Lakey Peak.
      Let me know if you need more help to decide.
      Cheers, Reinhard

  7. Jake Pittman

    Hey guys,

    Great site. I’m heading back to the UK from Portugal for a month so want to pick up a Surfskate to practice while I’m in the city. I’m 193 cm and about 85kg so pretty concerned about finding the right wheelbase size. I’ve been looking at YOW but would love to get your thoughts on recommendations.


    • Reinhard

      Hi Jake,

      Since you are quite tall with 193cm, I would go for the YOW Dark. I have the same model from yow with 187cm and long legs. Feels good and I think there is some room left for taller guys, too. A friend with 198cm tested it recently and liked the wheelbase as well. Should fit you well.

      Thanks, Reinhard

  8. Jon DangGoy

    I hav a 40” length longboard pintail deck. Planing to get d Waterbone Surf n Rail adapter.

    •ani chance i can convert it to surfskate board? *mainly street skating*

    •wats d best truck length u can reconmend? *i think my deck width is bout 8.5”-9”*

    Appreciate ur advise wif thnx

  9. Mario

    Hi, I am a totally beginner in skating. I would like to buy a board to land training for surfing. I am 174 cm for 68 kg and 42 shoes. I am a very good surfer. My understanding is wheel bas should be around 21” while length of deck 32-33, width?. Is it correct? YOW with Maraki system ? Any advice is more than welcome! Thanks

    • Reinhard

      Hi Mario, Sorry for my late reply, but maybe it still helps.

      YOW is a good pick since you are an experienced surfer. But for me as a surfer (wave) the closest to surfing is Swelltech! with your height I would go for a San’o, Camo, Pipeline or Banzai from Swelltech.
      With YOW I would go for anything with 19″ ish wheelbase – skatepark oriented a bit less wheelbase than 19″ with nose rocker, manouver traning 19″-20″ with less nose rocker

      let me know if you have more questions.

  10. Jana

    Hi Reinhard, I have just red your article. I am looking for a surfskate to cruise through the city and to practice to learn one day surfing 🙂 I have used YOW from friends before and I liked the ride, I guess from your description this would be a good take? I am 170cm with 56kg. Maybe you have any recommendation for the model? Or also another brand.

    Thanks so much!


    • Reinhard

      Hi Jana,

      thanks for your question. With your goals and height I would suggest anything from yow with a wheelbase of 18-19″ – this means the following models: Pipe, RVSH, Aranburu, Coxos, Chiba.

      Surfskate Brand Slide is also an alternative for you for cruising with practicing turns, but with a less progressive approach than with yow.

      Since you know YOW you will feel less reactivity and longer turns with Slide.

      I hope that helps, if not, let me know!

      Thanks, Reinhard

      • Jana

        wow thank you so much for the fast reply, I appreciate it! One more question – the Chiba seems to be the shortest and you said that its better to have a longer one to cruise and a shorter to go in the skatepark. I have found a Chiba that I love and I red that its easy to cruise and has smooth and easy turns, do you have an opinion, also in comparison to the longer models you said?

        Thank you!!!

        • Reinhard

          Hi Jana,

          it is important to not mix up wheelbase and deck length.
          The wheelbase is the important value, where the chiba fits very good to you.
          The deck length has to be in a reasonable range and is not that important for sizing.
          The Chiba model will be a good choice for you I think.

          Best regards, Reinhard

  11. werd


    I am a beginner and would like to get a Yow surfskate, but I am confused about what would fit my size best. I am 165cm and 52kg. I would most likely use the surfskate to crave and cruise, but I would also love to try bowls. Any recommendations??

    Thanks 🙂

    • Reinhard

      Hi werd,

      for your size and goals I would recommend the Pipe or Huntington, but since your weight is low to you could also go for one of the grom models.

      Best, Reinhard

  12. Fabio Manzalini


    I’m 198cm tall and 85kg, looking to buy a surfskate for some surf training and bowl riding. Which is the minimum wheelbase you would recommend? I was checking out the smoothstar manta ray because of it’s width, concave and wheelbase. The other option would be to arrange my own, but still i’m wondering if a 20” wheelbase would be enough. I’d rather go long than short. Thank you in advance!


    • Reinhard

      Hi Fabio,

      Smoothstar wheelbase does mean something different than yow wheelbase because the position of turning point related to the screws. I would go for a truck distance of at least 21″, this means Wheelbase of at least 19″ for yow and 23″ for smoothstar. In general I think YOW Meraki is the better system than smoothstar.

      Best regards, Reinhard

  13. Francesco

    Hi there,
    I’m 184cm tall and my weight stays in the 77-85kg range.
    I’ve started surfskating with the 29″ penny surfskate but it’s definitely too short for me, I find reeeeally hard to front/back side snap.
    I was about to buy the new Skalle 34″ from Yow since I love bowls bit I’m wondering if its 17″ wheelbase is too short for me, any advice on this? Given my height, weight and interest in bowls, any idea about good surfskates for me? Thank you sooo much =)

    • Reinhard

      Hi Francesco,

      for this purpose and your “dims” the Skalle is very good. It is my favorite model at the moment for street and bowl, but i also use it downhill. I am 187cm and 83kg.

      I hope this helps.

      best, Reinhard

  14. Victor

    Hello, can you help please, I’m a 178 height, about 90 kg weight with 43 shoe size
    What is the best swell tech surf for me? Thanks

    • Reinhard

      Hi Vitcor, thanks for good info summary. I would suggest to you 1) JOB Banzai Model, 2) Camo or 3)SanO.
      Best regards, Reinhard

  15. Robert

    Hi, since you recommended the Skalle in this case, would you think the Medina Camo would be an equal fit?

    • Reinhard

      Hi Robert, yes the Medina Camo is also a very good performance Shape in my opinion and very close to the Skalle, too. Same Wheelbase, almost same length, width etc.
      But if you compare the shape directly, there is more width in the Skalle deck, which i personal like, because you can push harder from you back foot.
      I put them over each other, maybe you can see it:
      YOW Medina Camo vs. YOW Skalle - Deck comparison

  16. Mimi

    Hi – great article l – I am looking for my first surfskate – I have been once and loved it but a complete beginner.
    I am 4ft 11 and 50kgs. I wear a U.K. size 3 shoe (EU 36) – I’d prefer a more stable board particularly as I’m getting started. I’ve tried the YOW Malibu 36’ and Padang 34’
    as these boards belong to (much taller, experienced) friends. I liked the feel and stability of them but am wary of my size. It would be great to clarify wheelbase size and what i should go for? I have been considering a few YOW models for myself and some Carver CX boards but am open to your suggestions. I would use it for long rides and carving as opposed to tracks and tricks. I would love to know what models you would recommend! Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!

    • Reinhard

      Hi Mimi,

      In your case I would go for an model with 17″ wheelbase. I would also consider a grom model in your situation.

      regards, Reinhard

  17. Nicole Gomez

    Hi! I really enjoyed your post and ordered a Yow Mundaka surf skate. Its a 32” and has a 16.5 wheelbase. I’m 160 cm and 60kg (so on the smaller side) I am looking to improve my surfing and also test out bowls/pump track- cruise around. Would you recommend that specific board for my height/weight and with the goals in mind? I can always return it if it doesn’t fit- just want to make sure I’m getting the right one before I begin riding it. Open to any advice! Thanks!

    • Reinhard

      Hi Nicole,

      I think you would enjoy 17” wheelbase + performance Deck the most.
      Your choice could be fun. Enjoy.

      Best regards, Reinhard

  18. Szymon

    I’ve also recently ordered Yow Mundaka 32″ Surf Skate. I’m 183 and 80 kg. I wonder if it is good choice. The goal is to imprpve surfing skills. Merci in advance!

    • Reinhard

      Hi Szymon, I think for your size would be better to take something with at least 17″ WB, the Mundaka has only 16.5″. If you are more on the beginner side I would suggest to pick a surfskate around 18-19″WB. Thanks

  19. Hi, great blog – very informative. I’m 1.90m and weigh 75kg with shoe size 10.5 US / 44.5 EU. I’m an experienced surfer and wave kitesurfer and had my first surfskate session recently. Super nice sport! My goal will be street to work on surf technique with the option to run through a pumptrack without board / truck issues. Any suggestions for boards / size / preferred WB distance? According to the graph, I’d say preferred WB would be 22’. Thanks for your help!

    • Reinhard

      Hi Douwe, thanks got the detials. The graph is made for the beginner stage. In your case and since you want to practice tight turns, I would suggest to pick a YOW Surfskate Performance Series with 17″WB and a wide Tail, such as the models Skalle (’22 or ’23), Medina Panther ’23, Lowers ’23. this will translate well if you are a shortboarder. Pick the aranburu 32,5″ or La Jolla if you are a Midlength or Longboard surfer. Would like if you buy in our store, I just updated the price a little 😉

  20. Joe

    Love the blog and all the useful info. Can you help please? What size wheel base / board would you recommend for a complete newbie? Height 170cm, 80kg with size 7UK size shoes.



  21. Patricia

    Hi! I was wondering if you could help me choose my first surfskate.
    In surf, I’m starting to do a cut back (I can’t do the turn yet but I´m learning to do it) and in surfskating, as I said before this is my first surfskate, I’ve been looking to the Triton surfskates, however I don´t know what size is best for me. I’m 170 cm, 55kg and I think my surf stance is 50 cm.
    I want one to improve my surfing, ride it long distance sometimes and to have fun, obviously.
    So what size do you think it will be best for me and I if you could also suggest any model, it´ll be awesome?
    Thank you and great article by the way.

  22. Gary

    Hi! I have read your entire post and comments and I have found your advice pretty unique and helpful for me. Basically I am looking to get a surfskate to aid my surfing as much as possible, I am not as interested in cruising although I do imagine I would want to get into bowls, not just flats. I am a beginner/intermediate, so I can get on most waves and do some cutbacks and whatnot. I am 5’10, 70kg and I usually ride a 5’10/11. I’ve tried many YOWs and have a CX board, but you backing the swell tech so much convinced me. I saw you recommend YOWs quite a lot too. I would love to know why you think Swelltech is the better pick for surf training, or if the difference matters that much. I was looking at getting the camo/banzai or the yow padang/teahupoo.

    • Reinhard

      Hi Gary,

      overall I like the YOW Meraki Truck the best, especially for street, skatepark.
      Swelltech is the most demanding, but also the one you can make the most progressive turns, I love it downhill.
      However, Surf training I would go with yow, since I want to focus on the technique also in the flats and it is easier to push through the turns with YOW Meraki, swelltech you need to work a lot for speed. If you want to take it like that: a swelltech is a high performance shortboard and needs a pushing wave (Downhill), YOW is the daily driver and can handle it all with more drive in less than perfect slopes.

      The YOWs Padang / Teahupoo will fit for you! I would prefer Padang because of the deck, which is a little better to practice turns. Maybe also consider the fanning driver.
      Please write me if you want to go for swelltech, we get new swelltechs shortly and we can work that out.

      If you want to buy through us, then head over to – we have more products listed there. Where do we need to ship to?

      Cheers, Reinhard

  23. Harmke

    Hi! I’m quit a beginner to skating in general (I’ve been snowboarding a lot). My longboard/skate friends advised me to buy a Surfskate. My goal is to get to go places with the board and just enjoy the surf-feeling. Now i’ve read your post and it’s so nice and clear, so than you for that! I’m 166 cm tall, weigh 70 kg, shoe size 41. I’ve heard a lot of good things about YOW, but I’m open to anything. What would you recommend? 🙂

  24. Joanna

    Hi Reinhard, thank you for your comprehensive post! So helpful to understand for a beginner like myself.

    I’d love your feedback. I’m 5ft 6″ – 67 kg – 59cm surf stance and a beginner surfer who rides a 7ft 6″ miniMal (I can turn and go down line of wave). I love the design of the Yow Teahupoo 2024/Padang Padang 2023 but i know aesthetics aren’t the best indicator of the right board .

    Could you recommend a surfskate for me (I’m based in Malaysia and would need to buy from stockists in this South East Asia region)?

    • Reinhard

      Hi Joanna, 19″ wheelbase and those two models are also technically good for you! Hope to ship one to you. Thanks, Reinhard

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