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YOW Surfskates YOW Surfskates are designed much closer to surfing than pool skateboards typically are. The additional freedom of your movements allow you to surf in a skatepark or bowl as you would do with a surfboard on your bowly wave. Discover the YOW system YOW Surfskates Oiartzun, Spain

The YOW System

YOW's 4th generation

YOW developed the Meraki truck for 5 years. This truck is already the 4th generation of YOW’s Surfskate Truck.


The new Meraki front truck is 17% lighter than the last generation.


At the same time as being lighter the truck got reinforced to create the most resistant YOW Surfskate system ever.

Design update

The design got simplified and more aesthetic as well.

How Pro's ride their YOW's

YOW Surfskates - design series

Signature Series

A special series dedicated to spanish surfing heroes. YOW teamed up in order to create this collection of surfskates for special events in spanish surfing history.

High Performance Series

A collection of boards specially designed for those who like to take their surfskating skills to the next level. Each surfskate is named after a world-class spot.

Power Surfing Series

Designed for powerful surfers. These shapes will allow you to practice big maneuvers. The surfskates are mounted with the Meraki system so you will have a more control and stability.

Dream Wave Series

YOW imagined long perfect waves and materialized them into surfskates you can surf endless. Mounted with the Meraki system so you have more stability and precision.

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    I've been able to ride the 40 ``Swelltech for a while now and I'm very satisfied. I had ordered the small springs to go with it, but not installed them, because with 1.94m I bring enough energy to the axle. Before that I already had the opportunity to ride a 34 ``Yow, but at Swelltech I got a lot more`` surf feeling ``. Fast delivery and quick replies to emails. TOP



    Nice advice, great service
    Nice advice, great service! And if you are still looking for the right surf skate: definitely try Swelltech !!



    Outstanding products and services.
    Outstanding products and services. I bought a surf skate from
    Delivery took only 2 days. That thing is so much fun and feels really close to surfing. After two months I had a warranty damage but received immediately spare parts. Very good service, again! Will definitely buy again from surfskateshop!


    Czech Republic